This project commenced in March 2011 and our aim was to acquire all of the issues of the newsletter dating from September 1975 through to 2012. We already had a large portion of these in our local office but still needed to find some issues which we did not have. To this end we are very grateful to Mario Corrigan and the staff of Newbridge library and also Susan Durack and staff of NUI Maynooth for helping us to complete this collection. At this point it was decided to put these on the internet to allow easy access to people who may be interested in looking at these newsletters.

Work commenced on converting the newsletters to PDF format. We also created a web page to allow online viewing. The newsletters can be viewed and searched in a pdf environment but please be aware the single files associated with the year are larger and will take a little longer to load. However the advantages are being able to search the entire year.We hope you enjoy using this archive and that it brings back some memories